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5 Ways To Avoid Gymtimidation

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When I began going to the gym, I was always intimidated when I see awesome body physic of some bodybuilders. I try to hide in the corner and do my workouts while staring at those abs. This went on for some time and it became a distraction to me. So to help me focused, I decided to do the following to avoid gymtimidation:

1) Train with a partner - I found that doing this gave me some sense of confidence knowing that I was spent the time engaging in with friend encouraging each other. This way I am not distracted by other well built guys.

2) Listen to songs using headphones - Listening to my favorite songs using a noise cancelling headphones helped me to be more focused at my workouts and routines without any distraction. Interestingly, using listening to music helps you to workout the more without been too tired.

3) Train during off peak hours - When feasible, I go to the gym when there are less people. The lesser the number of people working out in the gym, the less distraction you get. In fact, you will discover that you are able to workout more effectively since you have less people competing for available equipment.

4) Realize no one is judging you - When you set your mind to pay more attention to why you are in the gym in the first place, you are able ignore what others might be thinking about you. What you thing their thoughts are or perception about you becomes irrelevant to you.

5) Wear a hoodie - Wearing hoodie also helps you to stay focused on your workouts and your line of sight is straight at what you are doing. The hoodie helps to narrow your line of sight, hence your eyes become less distracted from others passing by or working out along side you.

If you have any other additional input, please share with the forum.

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