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Tips on Eating Out While Dieting

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Anyone who is trying to lose weight and stick to a diet will tell you that eating out is one of the hardest issues to deal with. While some people choose to cast their diet aside and order anything they want off the menu, others try to avoid eating out all together. It does not have to be this challenging to eat out. You can still remain true to your diet, while having an enjoyable dinner with family and friends. Below are 7 tips for eating out while dieting.

1. Choose First Course Options Carefully:

Most dinners come with a soup or salad to begin with. Be careful with this choice, if opting for soup, always pick vegetable based soups in broth, rather than cream based soups. When opting for a salad, always ask for your dressing to be served on the side, and request fat filled toppings like cheese and bacon to be left off. You can save even more fat and calories by opting for low fat or fat free dressings. If you cannot choose a reduced fat dressing, top your salad with oil and vinegar instead.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water:

Water should be your beverage of choice. Many people are not aware just how many calories they are actually consuming through beverages. You can add hundreds of empty calories by consuming sugary drinks, sodas, and alcohol. Let your meal make up the majority of your calories. Ask for water, and keep it coming.

3. Opt For Smaller Portions:

Portion sizes are the main problem when eating out. People believe they have to consume everything they are given. Restaurants usually provide portions that are far too large, which can be quite detrimental to your dieting progress. Asking for a smaller portion size can take care of this issue. Do not be afraid to order a children’s portion, or a senior citizen. Restaurants are quite accommodating, and you may even lower your dinner bill.

4. Choose Healthier Sides:

Simple substitutions such as brown rice instead of white rice or French fries, and whole grain rolls over white bread can save you a good amount of fat and calories. Substitutions such as this are not only healthier, they also keep you feeling full.

5. Make Good Vegetable Choices:

Make healthy choices by opting for steamed or fresh vegetables. Keep away from veggies that are smothered in sauces, or fried. When choosing potato sides, opt for a simple baked potato with a bit of margarine on the side, and as hard as it may be, it is best to skip the butter and sour cream.

6. Share Dessert:

It can be quite awkward to be the only person not having dessert or something sweet after dinner. Ask to share a small dessert with a member of your party so you do not feel left out. Since you are sharing, make sure you only eat your portion, or less.

7. Plan Ahead:

Before you head out to a new restaurant stop in and grab a menu. This will give you time to familiarize yourself with the menu and choose your dinner option without pressure.

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