Bible Quiz Questions and Answers – The Book Of Exodus

Bible Quiz Questions and Answers The Book Of Exodus
Bible Quiz Questions and Answers The Book Of Exodus

Bible Quiz Questions and Answers – The Book Of Exodus is the 2nd book in the Bible and it covers from the time of Joseph and Jews been enslaved in Egypt until God delivered by bring plague upon the Egyptians. We also see revelations at Mount Sinai, and the subsequent divine indwelling of God among the Israelite’s.

Let the quiz begin…

  • Question of

    When God spoke to the Israelite’s on Mt. Sinai, what was their response?

    • Yes They trembled
    • Did the wave
    • They cheered
    • Ran away
  • Question of

    What name did Pharaoh’s daughter give the child she found in the river?

    • Joshua
    • Moses
    • Aaron
    • Michael
  • Question of

    What two figures were made with pure gold to cover the ark of the Covenant two ends?

    • Gates
    • Candlesticks
    • Cherubim
    • Golden Lampstand
  • Question of

    Who spoke to Moses from the midst of the burning bush?

    • His brother
    • Aaron
    • Pharaoh
    • God
  • Question of

    What was the second plague of Egypt?

    • Frogs
    • Blood
    • Lice
    • Flies
  • Question of

    Whose bones did Moses take with him when he left Egypt?

    • Jacob
    • Joseph
    • Aaron
    • Daniel
  • Question of

    How many days did Moses spend on Mount Sinai with the Lord?

    • Forty
    • Thirty
    • Twenty
    • Fifty
  • Question of

    What did God send from Heaven to feed the Israelite’s?

    • Wine and Herbs
    • Chicken and Chips
    • Quail and Manna
    • Brea and Fish
  • Question of

    What instrument sounded off after Moses had been given the Ten Commandments?

    • Violin
    • Drum
    • Harp
    • Trumpet
  • Question of

    What material was the Ark of the Covenant to be overlaid with?

    • Bronze
    • Platinum
    • Gold
    • Silver

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