Level trivia quiz on nutrition and diet

Welcome to your Level 1: Trivia Quiz on Nutrition and Diet

1. What is the current recommendations for protein make up of an adult's total energy intake?
2. From the list below, which is a vegan source of a complete protein?
3. For each total daily kcal intake, most dietary guidelines recommend that carbohydrates furnish what % of kcals
4. Diets high in fiber tend to be low in ___ and ___; while diets high in fiber tend to be rich in ___ and ___
5. How many kcal per gram is the energy value of digestible dietary carbohydrates?
6. Which of this sugar is the most lipogenic i.e. the most readily converted into body fat?
7. People with phenylketonuria should avoid which type of artificial sweetener?
8. If you consume more than 60 grams of fiber per day, which of the following may occur?
9. What is the function of insulin?
10. Which of the following is a negative effect of dehydration?