Level trivia quiz on nutrition and diet

Welcome to your Level 2: Trivia Quiz on Nutrition and Diet

1. The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid emphasizes obtaining most dietary fat from ...
2. Which is a component of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid but not of MyPlate?
3. Did you know this? Food labels ...
4. In the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, the protein group is divided into four following groups:
5. Some researchers have linked possible high dairy intake to an increased risk of ...
6. The more energy-dense food is, the more kcal it has per unit weight. Which of the following has the highest nutrient density?
7. Which of the following listed answers would have the greatest nutrient content?
8. To prevent illness, meats should be ..."
9. Which of the following is essential, even though it contributes nearly zero kcal to the diet?
10. Which of the following molecules is a building block for proteins?