Level true or false health questions

Welcome to your Level 3: True or False Health Questions

1. Muscular strength training increase's size of type II muscle fibres?
2. Long term, regular exercise will cause the heart to contract less forcefully?
3. Muscular strength is the ability of muscles to repeatedly exert maximum force?
4. 75% max heart rate is classified in the areobic fitness zone?
5. The volume of blood pumped from the heart in one contraction is defined as 'stroke volume'?
6. Endomorph body type have broad shoulders & a muscular build?
7. Dilation of blood vessels is where blood vessels get wider?
8. Blood pooling leads to an increase of blood sugar?
9. Low weight & high repetitions in resistance training will primarily recruit type 2b muscle fibres?
10. Balance is the ability to preform smooth and accurate movements?