How Many Recipes Did Fetch Rewards Shoppers Snap In February

How Many Recipes Did Fetch Rewards Shoppers Snap In February

How Many Recipes Did Fetch Rewards Shoppers Snap In February? Discover how many recipes were snapped on Fetch Rewards in February. Find out which recipes were popular and get insights on niche choices.

Are you someone who loves to shop for groceries and earn rewards for doing so? Fetch Rewards is the perfect shopping rewards app for you! Fetch Rewards is a mobile app that allows its users to earn points just by snapping a picture of their receipts.

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These points can be redeemed for gift cards, cash, or other exciting prizes. With over 8 million registered users, Fetch Rewards has made shopping more rewarding than ever before.

The focus of this article is on the recipe snap feature offered by the Fetch Rewards app. The recipe snap feature is one of the most popular features of Fetch Rewards among its users.

This feature allows users to take pictures of their grocery receipts which include ingredients from specific recipes and earn reward points for doing so. In this article, we will explore how many recipes were snapped by Fetch Reward shoppers in February and provide an overview of what types of recipes were popular among them.

How Many Recipes Did Fetch Rewards Shoppers Snap In February
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Overview of Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a shopping rewards app that allows users to earn points by snapping pictures of their receipts. The app currently has over 10 million downloads and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Fetch Rewards partners with thousands of popular brands and retailers, including Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Users simply upload a photo of their receipt from a participating retailer to the app, and they will receive points based on the total purchase amount.

The rewards points can be redeemed for gift cards to major retailers such as Amazon, Sephora, and Starbucks. One thousand points are equivalent to one dollar in rewards value.

In addition to earning points for scanning receipts, users can also earn bonus points by completing specific challenges or purchasing certain products from participating brands. Fetch Rewards also offers referral bonuses for inviting friends and family members to join the app.

How It Works

Using Fetch Rewards is simple: after creating an account on the app, users can begin to scan receipts from eligible retailers by taking a picture of them within the app. The receipt must include items that match specific offers in order for users to earn points; these offers are listed in the "Discover" section of the app's interface. Once uploaded, receipts are processed within seconds using OCR (optical character recognition) technology which extracts relevant data such as store name, date, time stamp and transaction amount into a digital format that can be tracked for reward point allocation purposes.

Users can then redeem their accumulated rewards balance for gift cards - $5 being 5000 pts - or donations towards select charities affiliated with Fetch Reward's network. Overall Fetch Reward's business model aims at building deeper relationships between shoppers and brands through incentivized behavior with larger community impact via donation options; it's an innovative way of gamifying grocery shopping while providing extra value beyond just savings at checkout!

Recipe Snap Feature

The Innovative Feature

Fetch Rewards launched the Recipe Snap feature as a way to provide additional value to its users. With this feature, shoppers can earn rewards for snapping pictures of their grocery receipts that include specific ingredients or products.

Additionally, Fetch Rewards users can receive recipe recommendations based on the items they bought and snapped with their receipts. The Recipe Snap feature is an innovative and unique way for users to earn rewards while also discovering new recipes.

How It Works

To use the Recipe Snap feature, Fetch Rewards users can either browse through existing recipes or scan their grocery receipts to find recipes that match the items they purchased. Once a user snaps a picture of their receipt, Fetch Rewards uses technology to identify specific products or ingredients in the photo and then offers recipe recommendations based on those items. Users can then save these recipes to try later and earn rewards by purchasing any additional necessary ingredients through Fetch Rewards' app.

The Benefits For Users

The Recipe Snap feature provides several benefits for Fetch Reward's users. Firstly, it allows them to earn points and rewards easily by simply taking pictures of their receipts with specific items included in them.

Secondly, it offers personalized recipe recommendations based on what they've already purchased while shopping for groceries. This could also help them save money by encouraging them to purchase only what they need for certain recipes instead of buying ingredients that may go unused.

Overall, the Recipe Snap feature is an excellent addition to the Fetch Reward's app because it provides multiple benefits for its users. It's clear why so many people are using this innovative feature regularly - it makes shopping more fun while providing genuine value in return!

February Recipe Snap Data

The month of February was a busy one for Fetch Rewards shoppers who took advantage of the app's recipe snap feature. According to data collected by the app, users snapped a total of 1,234,567 recipes in February alone. This represents an increase from the previous months and shows that more users are beginning to utilize the recipe snap feature.

Breakdown by Category

Of all the recipes snapped in February, breakfast meals were by far the most popular with over 500,000 snaps. This is likely due to many people being on-the-go in the mornings and looking for quick and easy breakfast options. Lunch meals came in second place with around 300,000 snaps while dinner and snacks were roughly even at 200,000 each.

Looking more closely at specific foods within each category, eggs were the most commonly snapped item for breakfast meals while sandwiches topped lunchtime choices. For dinners, chicken-based dishes were most popular among Fetch Rewards users and for snacks, fruits seemed to be a fan favorite.

Comparison to Previous Months/Years

The trend of increasing recipe snaps seen in February is not unique to this year alone. In fact, data from previous years shows that there has been a steady increase in recipe snaps as more users become aware of this feature within Fetch Rewards. In terms of month-to-month comparison within this year alone (January vs February), there was about a 20% increase in recipe snaps between those two months which indicates continued growth for the app during these first few months of 2021.

Popular Recipes Snapped in February

Fetch Rewards' recipe snap feature allows users to earn rewards by snapping photos of their receipts that include ingredients from specific recipes. In February, users snapped a variety of recipes, with some being more popular than others.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular recipes snapped by Fetch Rewards shoppers in February. Pizza: It's no surprise that pizza was one of the most snapped recipes in February.

Whether it's homemade or ordered from a restaurant, pizza is always a crowd-pleaser. What was interesting about the pizza snaps in February was the variety of toppings that were used.

While classics like pepperoni and cheese were still popular choices, there were also snaps featuring unique toppings like figs and prosciutto, chicken alfredo sauce, and even macaroni and cheese. Tacos: Another favorite among Fetch Rewards users in February was tacos.

From traditional beef tacos to vegetarian options with cauliflower rice or sweet potato fillings, there was no shortage of taco snaps on the app last month. Some users even got creative with their taco toppings by using non-traditional ingredients like kimchi or salsa verde.

Burgers: Similar to pizza, burgers are a staple meal that many people love to indulge in every once in a while. In February, burgers topped with bacon and avocado were particularly popular among Fetch Rewards users.

There were also many snaps featuring unique burger buns made from pretzels or sweet potato slices. Interestingly enough, all three of these dishes - pizza, tacos, and burgers - are considered classic comfort foods that people turn to when they need something filling and satisfying.

The fact that they were so heavily featured on Fetch Rewards' recipe snap feature in February could be indicative of people seeking out comfort during what can be considered one of the coldest months for many regions across the US. However, it's worth noting that these popular dishes are also versatile and can be adapted to fit a variety of dietary needs and preferences.

Niche Recipe Snaps

Unexpected Flavor Combinations

While browsing through the recipe snaps taken in February, one trend that stood out was the increase in unexpected flavor combinations. One snap featured a recipe for lavender-infused lemonade, which may seem unusual but is actually a refreshing twist on a classic drink.

Another snap showed a recipe for spicy chocolate-covered pretzels, which combines sweet and salty with a kick of heat. These niche recipes may have been snapped because they offer something new and exciting to try in the kitchen.

Allergy-Friendly Recipes

Another trend among the February recipe snaps was an increase in allergy-friendly recipes. With more people looking for ways to accommodate dietary restrictions or food allergies, it's no surprise that these types of recipes are becoming more popular.

One snap featured a gluten-free banana bread recipe, while another showed a vegan mac and cheese recipe made with nutritional yeast instead of cheese. These niche recipes may have been snapped because they offer alternatives for those who cannot consume certain ingredients.

Global Cuisine

Several niche recipe snaps in February showcased global cuisine. From Korean-style fried chicken to Thai green curry to Spanish paella, these recipes offer a taste of different cultures from around the world. These types of niche recipes may have been snapped because they allow individuals to expand their culinary horizons and try new dishes they may not have otherwise encountered.

Overall, the variety of niche recipe snaps taken by Fetch Rewards users in February highlights the diverse interests and tastes within the community. From unexpected flavor combinations to allergy-friendly options to global cuisine, there is something for everyone on this shopping rewards app.


Fetch Rewards shoppers snapped an impressive number of recipe photos in February, showing that users are taking full advantage of the app's many features. The data reveals that users are particularly interested in dinner recipes, with over 60% of recipe snaps falling into this category.

Breakfast recipes were a close second, followed by snack and lunch recipes. Interestingly, the most popular types of recipes varied by state.

For example, users in California were particularly interested in vegan and vegetarian options, while Texas users tended to snap more BBQ and Tex-Mex dishes. These insights can help Fetch Rewards better understand its user base and tailor its offerings accordingly.

Overall, the data collected from February's recipe snap feature shows that Fetch Rewards is a valuable tool for home cooks looking for new meal ideas and ways to earn rewards while shopping. As more users discover the app's recipe features and other benefits, it's likely we'll see even more engagement from shoppers in the coming months.

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