Can Tabata Workout Make You Lose Weight?

Can Tabata Workout Make You Lose Weight

If you are into fitness or weight loss program or just starting on a fitness program, you may have come across a fitness trend called Tabata. You might be wondering what Tabata is and can Tabata workout make you lose weight.

So we will be looking into what Tabata workout looks like and tips on how to apply Tabata workout effectively.

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What is a Tabata workout?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been around for some time now and growing in popularity in the past few years. This is because these workouts are proving to be just as effective as the longer routines that take up more time. High-intensity interval training also decreases the appetite, increases your after-burn, and in the end, makes you lose weight.

In recent years, everywhere you go, a new type of HIIT is being introduced into the mainstream media and boot camps and in most fitness centers. This new type of fitness term being thrown around as the new type of HIIT is called "Tabata."

Tabata is a much more intense version of a HIIT workout. The new exercise is based on studies conducted at the Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan. The studies conducted do show that Tabata workout based on the survey is as effective as the HIIT. In the study, four minutes of really intense Tabata workout is just as effective as HIIT and even more productive than hours of lighter and more moderate exercising. The actual name of this type of HIIT is called "Tabata Protocol." The four-minute Tabata workout revolves around doing eight rounds of intense exercise for 20 seconds and having a 10 seconds rest. The exercise can be either squat, jumping jacks, or lunges. You can complete a Tabata circuit in a about four minutes.

How to do Tabata Workout?

Can Tabata Workout Make You Lose Weight

Before starting the Tabata workout, you first need to do a heart-revving warm up of about 10 minutes. The 10-minute warm-ups can be lunges, high knees, or jumping jacks to get the heart beating fast. At the end of the 10 minutes warm-up, you're ready to push yourself harder for the next four minutes of intense Tabata exercise.

Tabata's challenge is to push yourself as hard as you can in those 20 seconds before you rest for 10 seconds. The harder you push your body, the more you reap the benefits of the workout, and the more you can lose weight. Doing the more familiar HIIT movements of four minutes of one action and four minutes of another action followed by four minutes of rest is not Tabata. You can still lose weight from HIIT, but Tabata is more intense. To do the Tabata means doing a consistent 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off intense workout.

FAQs About Tabata

What is the difference between Tabata and HIIT?

Tabata and HIIT's main difference is that the rest and work periods in Tabata are shorter than in HIIT. Tabata pushes the limit on the percentage of your maximum heart rate.

Can I do Tabata everyday?

Because of the intense nature of the Tabata workout and the strain it puts on your body, it is not advisable to do Tabata every day. However, you can do it about three times a week as long as your body is given sufficient rest.

Does Tabata burn belly fat?

When carrying a Tabata workout, the lean muscle built and the number of calories burned helps in weight loss and facilitates the loss of belly fat.

Is 4 minutes of Tabata enough?

As we already know, a Tabata workout is very intense, and based on studies, for the optimal benefit of the Tabata workout, you need 4 minutes to rip its benefit.

Is Tabata dangerous?

Not many people have the strength and body to go for a Tabata workout. Yes, a Tabata workout could be dangerous, especially for beginners. It's always advisable to start with light and less strenuous programs like HIIT, develop your body to the point where you can now go for a Tabata workout.

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