15 Fast Weight Loss Tips

Fast Weight Loss Tips

15 Fast Weight Loss Tips

Loosing weight or seeking how to lose belly fat is a task that requires not just doing occasional exercise or going to the gym to do some yoga or build abs, or even choosing to go on a keto diet plan but it requires a lot of self discipline. If you are not determined to accomplish a task, then the chances are that you may never accomplish it. But when you set your mind to accomplish something that looks impossible, then all the tools you need to achieve it are ready made available to you.

Fast Weight Loss Tips
Fast Weight Loss Tips

A lot of people invest lots of money acquiring personal trainers or nutritionist but not many people can afford the cost of hiring personal trainers. Subscribing to a gym local to you is one good step but without a plan on what exercise you will be working out on puts you at a disadvantage as you will have no way of measuring your self and if you are on the right track.

There are many weight lose tips and ideas all over the internet, with a simple google search, you will come across tons of blog posts and articles on loosing weight. The challenge most people face is not about finding info on weight loss but determining which will work for them as humans differs from person to person and reacts differently.

So a combination of regular exercise and appropriate diet plan will help you maintain weight loss. Read up on some of our ketogenic recipes or low carb recipes to help with weight loss. Now lets dive into 15 quick weight loss tips to give you the person body you've been craving for.

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1. Drink Lots of Water

Water is an essential component for the human body. It helps with fluid balance by transporting nutrients around the body, helps with regulating body temperature, as well as food digestion. It is recommended to drink at least 8 ounce per day (roughly 2 liters of water), but keep in mind that over consumption of water could lead to hyponatremia, a condition also known as water intoxication.

2. Eat Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables do come with high amount of water in them, such as watermelons, kiwi, tomatoes, oranges, and many more. Taking in fruits and veggies regularly does help increase fiber in your body, avoid eating canned fruits and consume veggies such as salad with less dressing on it.

3. Have Eggs for Breakfast

Eggs are low in calories, hence taking in less calories daily leads to weight loss. Eggs are not just low in carbs but high in nutrients especially the egg yolk. Studies have shown that when you eat eggs, it fills you up on time hence reducing your food intake which in turn helps control your weight gain. 3 large boiled eggs with some vegetables will contain about 300 calories. Check out some low carb egg recipes for breakfast.

Keto Poached Eggs
Keto Poached Eggs

4. Go on Ketogenic Diet

If you are truly looking for an easy way to maintain your weight loss, then go on a ketogenic diet plan. The key to a successful & effective diet is planning. So you need to workout what sets of meals to take in and which avoid completely or least for sometime. A ketogenic diet (also known as keto diet) is a meal that involves reducing a large percentage of carbohydrate in every diet and replacing it with healthy fats and protein.

5. Practice Periodic Fasting

Fasting is an eating pattern which requires you to abstain from food for a set period of time. This concept is an important mechanism for attaining ketosis since the target is to limit the intake of proteins as well as carbohydrates which in turn reduces calories. While consuming a whole lot of food, the human body system desensitizes the cells to insulin in other to manage the distress associated with heavy calorie intake. Several processes occurs at this stage; there is an increase in insulin, high accumulation of fat, and increased oxidative stress which leads obesity and inflammation. However, following a simple fasting plan would help prevent some of the above listed issues.

6. Regular Body Exercise

Having regular work out is another way of attaining ketosis, hence reducing body weight. Research and personal experiences have shown that 96% of people living a healthy lifestyle is as a result of doing exercise. Regular body exercise helps remove excess of sugar from the bloodstream and stores them in the order tissues such as the liver and muscles. This helps a person handle a larger percentage of carbohydrate in meals since after an exercise, the glucose is stored in the liver, and muscles. Exercises such as running, squatting, push-ups, as well as pull-ups help to maintain an effective ketosis. See our Keto Diet - The Beginners Pocket Guide for more on ketosis.

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7. Eat Spicy Food

Yes you read it right, eating spicy food contributes to weight loss or staying fit. So if you love spicy food, or hot dishes, then you are on the right track to losing weight and staying fit. Studies have shown that food seasoned with chili pepper or black pepper (Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a spicy compound that can boost human metabolism) can contribute to your body metabolism. Lets put it this way, when you consume spicy food, your body system generates heat, which helps to burn some calories.

8. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Not many are aware of the fact that several alcoholic beverages do actually contain lots of calories. Because of that, when you cut down on alcohol consumption or at least keep it to a minimum level, it helps forces the body to go into ketosis. Aside from that, drinking such types of drinks, can cause your body to become lazy hence you end up quitting on your planned daily exercise.

9. Drink Green Tea

Green Teas have been known to help with weight loss, due to its ability to boost the human body’s metabolic rates. Even though green tea do contain a small amount of caffeine, the good side is it's loaded with catechins - a powerful antioxidants that is believed to work synergistic-ally with caffeine to enhance the fat burning process.

green tea
green tea

10. Take Vitamin Supplement

For every exercise or gym workout, it is vital to remember that your body system would crave for some important body nutrients, in order for your body to stay healthy. Taking in multivitamin supplement and minerals, would help to maintain and boost your body functions, including metabolism, hence supporting weight control.

11. Avoid Processed Foods

I cannot emphasis enough on the need to avoid processed food. The challenge with processed food is that it's filled with salt and calories which leads to weight gain. Aside from that, since they have gone through lots of processing, they are easily broken down by your body’s system, which means that they would not make your body spend lots of energy to absorb them. Furthermore, processed foods contain lots of preservatives, which can put your health at risk.

12. Sleep More

Lack of good sleep can boost your appetite which could lead to obesity, as it would force you to eat more to compensate for lack of energy. A research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, reveals that dieters with adequate sleep (7+ hours per night) loss weight and half of the weight is lost from fat, not muscles, while those who sleep less than 7 hours experience less weight loss.

13. Avoid Sugary Drinks

Studies have shown that sugar is a major culprit in weight gain since it contain lots of calories. Taking in lots of sugar leads to certain types of illnesses and diseases which are a by product of weight gain. In summary, the more sugar diets you take-in increases weight gain, while low sugar diet leads to weight loss. So what this means is you have to avoid fruit juices, substitute sugary beverages with water, encourage friends and family to eat plain Greek yogurt, and many more.

14. Chew Food Slowly

Studies shows that the slower you chew your food, the less calories intake, this leads to increase in hormones that supports weight loss. In actual fact, the slower you eat, the less food you consume.

15. Do Both Cardio & Weight Lifting

One of the key question most new starters looking to lose weight ask is which of these is better "Doing Cardio Workout or Go for Weight lifting". Both cardio and weight lifting do help you lose weight and become more fit. When you perform cardio, it burns out more calories than weight lifting training. However, weight lifting not only builds your muscles, it also makes your metabolism stay elevated for a longer period. If you truly want to loss weight and stay strong and fit, I would recommed both cardio and weight lifting.

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