10 Delicious Keto Bread Recipes for Sandwiches and Toast

Keto Bread Recipes for Sandwiches and Toast

Keto bread recipes have been one of most trending topics in recent times and most of us especially those into ketosis or into weight loss or fitness and workout, or even doing 30 mins workout plan, spend time eating keto prepared food or low carb dish. Most common low carb recipes ranges from low carb avocado cookies, to Keto Egg recipesketo vegan recipes and a few others.

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Keto Bread Recipes

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In this post, we will be looking at gluten free bread recipes. Keto breads are not so common even though they’ve been around for sometime now. One key fact about bread which most or everyone eat during breakfast is its made with wheat, which contains gluten. However, there is now a noticeable increase in gluten-free breads sold in most supermarkets now.

So lets now take a quick look at some of the best keto friendly, low carb keto breads available on the net now.

Keto Bread Recipes for Sandwiches and Toast
Keto Bread Recipes for Sandwiches and Toast

1. Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Bread

The dairy free gluten-free bread from The Spruce Eats has a unique feeling that is neither too wet or too dry. This gives it a balance springiness mix, with a yeasty flavor and made with readily available ingredients.

Dairy Free Gluten Free Bread

Get the full dairy gluten free bread recipe here

2. Delicious Gluten-Free Bread

This is probably one of the easiest keto bread so far and anyone can make a single loaf of it in under one hour. This gluten free bread by Jamie Oliver looks really amazing, tasty as well as eye catching.

The whole bread is made with semi-skimmed milk, free-range eggs, wine vinegar, gluten-free brown bread flour, yeast as well as olive oil.

gluten-free bread

Get the full gluten-free bread recipe here

3. Bread 2.0

While this gluten-free bread name may be Bread 2.0, it is certainly one of those recipes that leaves you with mark of quality taste. This recipe is the ideal low carb bread for a perfect sandwich. According to the makers of this bread Elana’s Pastry, this gluten free bread is made with only seven ingredients and this includes almond flour, vinegar, eggs, baking soda, arrowroot, flax as well as celtic sea salt.

Bread 2.0

Get the full bread 2.0 recipe here

4. Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

If you are one of those that loves soft tasty bread for breakfast, then checkout this gluten-free sandwich bread from Gluten-Free Baking. This is one of those bread recipes I feel in love with because I love soft tender breads as they tend to have a lovely taste and feels you up for some time.

This bread is made with Bob’s Red Mill’s millet flour due to its soft texture. In addition, the millet flour contains more fiber than a rice flour, meaning it offers twice as much fiber than a brown rice flour.

One other critical ingredient in this recipe is the xanthan gum. Since gluten isn’t present in the bread, the bread won’t have the needed component to make it have a stretchy soft feeling hence the bread feels thick. So with this in mind, we need xanthan gum to prevent the bread from collapsing within itself.

Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

Get the full gluten free sandwich bread recipe here

5. Gluten-Free French Bread (Baguette)

This gluten free french bread (baguette) by Gluten Free Easily is adapted Iris Higgins, the author of the following popular gluten-free cookbooks The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide Part 1 and The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide Part 2. This delicious french bread with crispy outside and chewy inside, is is not only gluten free but egg free as well yeast free with a dairy-free option.

Gluten-Free French Bread (Baguette)

Get the full gluten free french bread recipe here

6. Rice Free Multigrain Bread

Rice Free Multigrain Bread by Allergy Free Alaska is one of many gluten-free breads with a unique taste similar to homemade wheat breads. This breads goes very well with an egg sandwich or toast at anytime of the day. A key factor in making this bread is to do everything at the right room temperature. The finished product for this recipe is nothing short of perfection and mouth watery. So prepare all the needed ingredients and get cracking making this low carb rice free multigrain bread.

Rice Free Multigrain Bread

Get the full rice free multigrain bread recipe here

7. Dark Teff Sandwich Bread

Now presenting you with a well made, delicious, gluten free, dark yeast bread with honey to taste especially for honey lovers. The Dark Teff Sandwich Bread made by Nourishing Meals is rich in protein, as well as iron and this is due to the nutritional value of the teff flour.

At first, when I saw this bread, I thought this was cake but as soon as I tasted it, I was amazed to see that this was actually a bread. The appearance could be deceiving, hence making the more unique. So if you are up for it, then try this recipe out and comment on your experience.

Dark Teff Sandwich Bread

Get the full dark teff sandwich bread recipe here

8. The Keto Bread for Buns & Rolls

The keto bread by Maria Emmerich’s — Diet Doctor web blog is made with almond flour in addition to psyllium husk powder, as well as egg whites. This bread has a crispy crust finish with a soft, and moist center. You can have this bread straight out of the oven while warm, or you can freeze it, then defrost, and toast when needed.

In addition to this, if you are allergic to almond, you can also replace the almond flour with coconut flour instead. The finishing will always remain same exception of the flavor. The whole preparation and baking will take about an hour to finish.

The Keto Bread for buns and rolls

Get the full keto bread for buns and rolls recipe here

9. Grain Free Paleo Sandwich Bread

Do you love paleo diets or recipes? Check out this gluten-free paleo sandwich bread recipe by Danielle Walkers. This bread is grain-free, yeast-free, as well as dairy-free sandwich bread. This bread is made with various household ingredient and in particular, raw organic cashew butter with separate beaten egg white is used to achieve the moist white texture inside it.

Grain Free Paleo Sandwich Bread

Get the full grain free paleo sandwich bread recipe here

10. 90 Second Low Carb Keto Bread

The 90 seconds Low Carb Keto Bread by Gimme Delicious is a stunning and cleaver piece of recipe you must try out. This is ideal for those rushing out to work or appointment and need a quick bread recipe they can make. This low carb keto bread is completely cooked using a microwave.

This low-carb keto bread is soft, fluffy as well as delicious, and its made using almond flour in the microwave for just 90 seconds. This is perfect bread dish for breakfast for students, working class gigs or professionals, and its ideal for a sandwich, as well as grilled cheese, and much more.

If you are finding it difficult to believe that you can make such a good looking bread snack in under 90 seconds, then click the recipe link below for more.

90 Second Low Carb Keto Bread

90 Second Low Carb Keto Bread

Get the full 90 seconds low carb keto bread recipe here

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