8 ways to Maintain a Good Healthy Living

How to Maintain a Good Healthy Living

Its no brainier to acknowledge how important it is to maintain a good healthy living or living a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a good healthy living leads to a longer life span, less prone to illnesses. This would require you to develop the habit of eating balanced diet food, regular body exercises, maintaining a good body weight. There is more to this, you also have overall improved well-being and this encompasses both the physical body, mental and emotional side.

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How to Maintain a Good Healthy Living
How to Maintain a Good Healthy Living
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8 Ways to Maintain a Good Healthy Living

There are several ways to maintain a good healthy living, or maintain a healthy body weight that you crave for. In this article, we will be looking at 8 ways to maintain a good healthy living at the comfort of your home at little to no cost. Maintaining a good healthy lifestyle requires determination, focus and self believe.

Before you continue reading, use our BMI calculator to calculate your body mass index and BMR calculator to calculate your basal metabolic rate.

1. Undertake Regular Exercise

Having a well planned regular exercise is an important part of your well-being development. Exercising requires you to move your body regularly, hence such action workouts your body muscles hence leading to your body burning more energy and calories. There are several physical activities you can engage in as part of your exercise and this includes running, swimming, jogging, walking as well as dancing.

Health benefits of exercising

  • Funny enough, regular exercising makes you feel happier hence leading to improved mode and decreased anxiety, stress and depression feelings
  • Also we know that a good exercise leads to weight loss
  • Furthermore, it helps to increase energy levels which leads to reduced body fatigue
  • Regular exercise helps to prevent risk of chronic disease, improved brain health and memory as well as promote better sex life

2. Eating Well

Eating nutrient filled food is an essential ingredient in maintaining a good health. Maintaining a good healthy eating habit has its own benefits, one of which includes preventing and/or treating certain health conditions. This conditions includes stroke, heart disease as well as diabetes.

Health benefit of eating well

  • Helps with weight loss by replacing your regular junk food with keto diets or low carb diets.
  • Eating well can help prevent obesity which could lead to reduced risk of cancer
  • Having the appropriate amount of calcium and magnesium in your food helps with strong bones and healthy teeth
  • Studies shows healthy food can prevent dementia or memory loss

3. Having a good Sleep

Having a good night sleep is critical to improving once healthy living. Constant inadequate sleep can lead to weight gain since you are more likely to eat more. In addition, lack of adequate sleep makes you focus less, pay less attention. Studies have shown over the years that we need at least 8 hours of sleep.

Health benefit of a good sleep

  • Because you sleep more, you end up eating less which leads to weight loss
  • A good sleep or adequate sleep can enhance once memory, improve concentration and be more productive
  • Good and long sleep helps to improve your athletic performance
  • Less sleep leads to depression, increased inflammation
  • It improves once immune function

4. Find time to Relax

Being stressed out or stressful is not healthy to the human body even though its part of our daily life especially if you work in a high demanding position or a student. Finding time to relax is essential to living a healthy life, and so it is important that we learn how to manage stress and relax more. Ways to relax includes Control Breathing, Meditation, Yoga Exercise, Tai Chi and Qigong, Muscle Relaxation, Hypnosis.

Health benefit of relaxing

  • Less stressed individuals eat less food
  • You feel a sense of calmness and confidence
  • Studies shows that relaxation does help to reduce chronic health issues (reduced pain)
  • Helps to reduce heart and respiration rate
  • Lowers the blood pressure as well as increase the blood flow
  • Prevents anxiety, depression and insomnia
  • Your body muscles feels lot more relaxed
  • You can boost your body energy and have a better sleeping pattern
  • Better coping abilities

5. Quit Smoking

I cannot emphasis on the negative impact of smoking to the human body. Studies shows that smoking contains chemicals that are harmful to human health. This can lead to lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease.

Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking

Health benefit of quitting smoking

  • Your heart rate and blood pressure becomes more stable
  • Reduces risk of a heart attack, bladder caner and lung cancer
  • Helps improve lung function
  • Shortness of breath disappears
  • Have improved ability to taste and smell
  • Your immune system improves and able to fight off infection

6. Drink lots of Water

Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water also an essential part of your staying healthy. Water is part of human survival, so every body needs water in their system to avoid overheating. Even the body organs, skin, hair, etc all need water to function properly. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water on a daily basis.

Health benefit of drinking lots of water

  • Helps improve healthy weight management
  • Flushes out body waste or toxins stored in the body through either sweat or urine
  • Boosts your immune system and digestion
  • Help with blood circulation
  • Prevents backache, headaches and keeps your muscles and joints lubricated

7. Deep Breathing Exercise

Our breathing system helps us not only to live a longer life but also maintain a good mood. Without proper breathing, we run into increased heartbeats as well as low blood oxygen level. When we deep breathe, it reliefs us of stress, improved blood circulation and confidence.

Health benefit of deep breathing

  • Breathing massages our body organs through the movement of the diaphragm
  • Deep breathing helps to enhance our cardiovascular capacity and burns fat easily
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system
  • Also improves our posture
  • It helps to ease pain in our body
  • Relaxes the mind, body and soul and brings clarity
  • Helps to detoxify our body by expelling toxin waste

8. Think Positively

I have listed Positive Thinking here because our thoughts does have an adverse impact on our mental state which affects our health either in a positive way or negative way. Look at it from this view, when we focus too much on negative thinking, we tend to overwhelm our brain with too much unwanted thoughts which could lead to stress that can damage our mind and body. For us to maintain a healthy living, we need to overcome negative thinking by focusing our mind more on positive thoughts.

Overcome Negative Thinking

  • Crack some smile as often as possible and when appropriate
  • Stay around positive thinking people
  • Do not generalize all discussions
  • Healthy living will help boost your mood hence relieving you of stress

Health benefit of positive thinking

  • Helps to lower your rate of depression as well as stress level
  • Leads to resistance of common cold
  • Better relationship with people around you
  • Lets you be more focused and concentrate better
  • You become more confident
  • Tend to have better success in life
  • Overall you live a happier life

“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.” - Bo Bennett

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