7 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast in 2021

Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast

The new year is here and its time for you to pay attention to your weight. If you are ready, then check out our 7 Tips to Lose Weight Fast this year.

Although it's not always in the best interest of a person to try to lose weight fast than their body can take, sometimes circumstance does require it has to be done. There are diverse ways you can follow to lose weight faster than following a regular diet plan, or just simply eating a healthy meal and working out regularly. Outlined below are steps to take to lose weight fast. Take time to follow each step and adapt them to your lifestyle and watch each pound melt away.

Simple Tips to Lose Weight Fast in 2021

Please note that losing weight does require commitment and hard work. There are known approved medications that may help you lose weight if you are overweight or obese, but I would strongly advise you to stay away from them if you can except medically required. Proper weight loss requires you to burn energy the natural way meaning engaging yourself in physical activities.

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1) Eat Right - Control Your Eating Habit

You have to learn to control your eating style. A good example is having a light blueberry with banana porridge and sandwich for breakfast is great. During lunchtime, a bowl of salad or perhaps a healthy wrap could be a great fix until your next meal. If you need a snack before supper you can choose protein cookies or carry with you a fruit cup. Dinner should be enough to curb your hunger but not enough that you are full.

2) Drink Plenty of Water

Water as we know it is the source of life and it plays a huge importance in our body. Water helps flush the body system and makes your body feel full, which is actually a great way to avoid unnecessary snacks between meals. This will further lessen your calorie intake in a healthy manner.

3) Measure Your Daily Calorie Intake

This is the most important step when it comes to burning fat at a fast pace. It is important not to set an unrealistic goal for yourself or one that is dangerous to your health. Remember that calories are necessary for the body to function properly, but when your body has had enough energy, excess calories are stored in muscles as glycogen, while most are stored as fat. This is how weight is accumulated.

4) Don't Skip Breakfast

It is a common misconception that skipping breakfast decreases the number of calories consumed per day and is therefore good for losing weight fast. This is absolutely wrong. Note that when you skip breakfast, your body goes into an emergency mode because it is unsure when the next meal will come since it has already waited more than 8 hours since your last meal. The effect of this is, it slows down your metabolism and when you eat your next meal the calories will explode and more fat will be stored causing you to actually gain weight instead of losing it. This may actually cause your stomach to bloat.

5) Eliminate Unhealthy Food

Make a list of the different kinds of food you generally eat in a day or in a week and start eliminating the ones that are unhealthy and can cause you to take in more calories than you can burn. Once you have eliminated the junk foods from your list it is time to find healthy alternatives to replace them with. This can take some time and simple online research can be very helpful to give you different and unique ideas to incorporate into your diet.

6) Stay Positive

I cannot emphasize how important it is for you to stay positive. Embarking on a fast weight loss program will come with its challenges along the way. When these challenges do come, you will need a positive mindset to push you through. Losing weight will not happen overnight but will require self-determination and an "I can do it" attitude.

Don't be carried away when you see how good looking others around you are, or get intimidated by their physical appearance. But use them as a trigger to motivate yourself and workout according to your pace. Rome wasn't built in a day, so you will need time and patient to achieve your fitness dream.

7) Bonus Tips for Quick Weight Loss

  • Eat lots of vegetables.
  • Eat spicy food like a bowl of chili, as studies show this will speed up your metabolism.
  • Keep fitness equipment around the house.
  • Use stairways and stay away from the lift. If the fall is high, then take the lift to a floor or two below your floor and take the staircase where possible. 
  • Always drink a glass of water before every meal.
  • Increase your protein diet.
  • Do some high-intensity training as it's harder and better and keeps your heart rate up long enough after you leave the track.
  • If you live near a hill, then make use of it by running up and down it.
  • Engage in cardio workouts that work the whole body
  • Avoid alcohol altogether if you are serious about your fitness and weight loss.

When someone asks you how to lose weight fast, you are now well informed to advise such a person in several different ways to begin. If you know someone who needs to lose a great deal of weight, these steps outlined may not be enough. These steps will be ideal for anyone looking to lose between 10-15 lbs in 3 weeks or less. Anything over this will require a great deal of exercise and dedication for the results to come.

Is it possible to lose 1kg a week?

Yes, its possible to lose 1kg a week but not healthy and it could be a disadvantage to some. Achieving such result will differ with each person depending on their body weight, fitness level, daily nutrition intake, how much rest they get, and of course the right mindset.

Let's work out the math, to lose 1kg per week, you will need to shed at least 7,700 kcal per week. So you are looking at roughly shedding 1000 kcal per day.
So if you cut down at least 1000 calories daily from your diet, you will lose about 2 pounds (1kg) weekly.

Embarking on simple keto diet plan, eating healthy food, incorporate exercise into your daily routine are some of the recommended ways to lose weight.

Is there a minimum daily calorie requirement?

When we consume food, the body gets its energy from the calories derived from the food. The more calories we consume more than we need daily, excess calories are then stored up as fat in the body, hence we tend to gain weight. The same applies when we consume fewer calories than we need, we lose weight.

Studies have shown that women need between 1500-2000 kcal to maintain their current body weight, while men needs between 2000-2500 Kcal. This number is also known as the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). That is, the number of calories your body requires daily in order to function properly.

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