Spinach, Mushroom and Feta Quiche Recipe

Spinach Mushroom and Feta Quiche Recipe

Spinach, Mushroom and Feta Quiche recipe is one of those unique recipes that is ideal for breakfast, lunch as well as simple light supper meal for family. If you are looking for a perfect vegetable meal, you can not do without mentioning this Spinach (also known as Spinacia oleracea), Mushroom and Feta Quiche dish. So what makes this a unique dish.

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  • High in insoluble fiber, which helps in the digestive system hence preventing constipation
  • It contains lots of vitamins such as Vitamin A: Contains carotenoids which is good for the body
  • Vitamins C: Contains antioxidant which helps with healthy skincare and the immune system
  • Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid): Great for the bodies cellular system
  • Calcium: Which as we know great for healthy bones and muscles Further, spinach comes with many plant compounds such as kaempferol, nitrates, lutein , quercetin as well as zeaxanthin. These compounds helps to improve the human health.
  • Studies have shown that help to reduce oxidative stress
Spinach, Mushroom and Feta Quiche


  • Contains low calories as well as fat and cholesterol-freeComes with sizable amount of insoluble fiber
  • Mushroom are also rich in various mineral nutrients and vitamins such as potassium, copper, magnesium, zinc as well as vitamin B such as folate
  • They are also high in antioxidants like selenium as well as glutathione (a substances that is believed to prevent cell damage and reduce the risk of chronic disease and inflammation)


  • Eight oz. of button mushrooms.
  • One clove of minced garlic.
  • Ten oz. of thawed frozen spinach.
  • Four large eggs.
  • One cup of milk.
  • Two oz. of feta cheese.
  • A quarter cup of grated Parmesan.
  • A half cup of shredded mozzarella.
  • Salt and pepper as seasonings to taste.


  • Preheat the oven for up to 350 degrees F.
  • If the thawed spinach contains a lot of water, squeeze out the moisture.
  • Ensure you wash the mushroom with clean water and slice into smaller pieces
  • Next grease a non-stick skillet with cooking spray, place it over a medium heat and add in the mushrooms, garlic, and a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.
  • Sauté for about 5–7 minutes until the mushrooms are soft without any trace of moisture.
  • Now grease a pie dish with a cooking spray, add in the spinach and place the sautéed mushroom as well as the crumbled feta on top of it and keep it aside.
  • Crack open the eggs into a medium bowl, add other ingredients like milk, Parmesan, as well as pepper for taste and whisk thoroughly until the mixture looks smooth.
  • Pour the egg mixture over the spinach and mushroom in the pie dish.
  • Add the shredded mozzarella on top and bake in an oven for about 45–55 minutes until the top turns out golden brown.
  • Once cooked, allow it to cool for few minutes then serve.


  • CALORIES - 465 kcal
  • PROTEIN - 31 grams
  • FAT - 33 grams
  • CARBS - 8.5 grams

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