How to keep fit motivational quotes
How to keep fit motivational quotes

Keeping a fit and healthy body requires you drawing up a workout plan for yourself and ensuring that you are consistent with your set program. Below are just a few tips on how you go about keeping fit.

Tips on how to keep fit

  • First draw up a training workout plan for a week for yourself
  • Ensure you have a healthy meal plan in place and eat small portion of food while avoiding filling up your belly
  • Try and do different workouts as planned during each week, for instance if you workout today and cardio next day, then alternate both the following week
  • Before performing any routine, its best practice to always warm-up first to get your body prepped for the days workout. Warming up helps your body system circulate the right amount of blood with nutrients to designated areas. This helps to warm up your muscles and joints
  • Vary your workout routine as research shows that this method helps your body to workout more
  • Another important tip is to find or hire a good trainer if you can afford it. A well seasoned fitness trainer would help to keep your body toned and in shape and also provide further counselling if online trainer
  • Become good at the different workout postures and ensure they are perform as instructed and precise. This way your body isn’t out of shape
How to keep fit
How to keep fit

How to keep fit Quotes that will motivate you


Life begins where the comfort zone ends.


If this does not challenge you, it will not change you.


My light, a mirror! I promise to always get up after the falls and achieve goals, even if you need to crawl to them.


Results do not come immediately. Work hard and be patient.


At first you just want to look good, but then comes the understanding that the meaning is deeper.


Hold it up stronger than yesterday if you want a better tomorrow.


Your main challenge is not others. This is a burning sensation in the lungs, muscles and your inner voice, screaming “I can not.” But you do not listen to it, but press it even harder. There is a whisper of “can.” And then you understand that the person whom you considered yourself is not who you are now.


When you want to give up, remember why you started.


After 3 months, you will say thank you.


Good goes to those who work hard.


Today I will love myself enough to practice.

Inspirational Fitness Quotes


The point is not whether you have time, but whether you are ready to allocate it.


Change your thoughts and the body will change.


As soon as you see the result, it develops into addiction.


Excuses do not burn calories.


Train out of love for your body, not out of hatred.


Fall in love with taking care of yourself – mind, body and spirit.


Each achievement begins with a small first step.


A little progress every day in total gives a great result.


Keep going to your dream. Day after day, training after training.


Bad training is one that was not there.


Do not wait for the ultimate goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take.