What kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy?

What kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy

Note all the recommendations here on what kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy are based on research and studies. Please always consult your doctor first for more clinical advice.

If you are a pregnant mum, you may be asking yourself what kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy. Exercising is an integral part of our daily life without even going to the gym. So I would say that every pregnant woman should try and exercise as often as possible. A carefully planned exercise will keep your body fit and help knot off any extra calories you may be taking in during each day.

By the way, there are several activities you can enjoy doing while pregnant. You may necessarily be climbing mountains, but there are ways to stay fit. I will share the three best exercises that you should try during your pregnancy. Of course, consult with your doctor to get clearance before you embark upon such activity.

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Walking while pregnant

What kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy

First, the easiest one is a simple walk. Consider taking a walk with your significant other or friend(s) to share some quality time. You can walk right up to the day you deliver as long as you pace yourself and listen to your body needs. You can still do a couple of intervals during your walks, including increasing the speed, increasing the stride, or increasing the step rate.

On the days where the energy seems low, and there will be plenty of those, a light walk usually will give you a boost in mood and will help you feel better. During your walks, having a fitness tracker along would help you track your heart rate to ensure that you are within zones 2-3 and monitor your calorie burn and the number of steps taken. Doing this could become a bit of a fun game to play while walking.

Swimming while pregnant

What kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy

The second exercise that is terrific for the body while being pregnant is swimming. Swimming can be gentle on your joints and take the weight off of your back. The third trimester of pregnancy, your final stretch of pregnancy, can make you feel a little strange while being in the water. You may feel you are having a more challenging time taking a breath, or your belly isn't sitting where it usually does. Feel free to grab an aqua jog belt or a kickboard if you feel your buoyancy is off.

Yoga while pregnant

What kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy

One popular activity I have seen a lot of pregnant women spend time on is yoga. I would recommend you try and find yoga classes close to you that are specifically for prenatal yoga. Courses that are specific for pregnancy are great because the stretches are often modified to keep you safe. As your body continues to grow, you will notice the changes in your actual flexibility and possibly a difference in your breathing ease. These issues should all be addressed in prenatal yoga classes. Yoga can help you stay limber during the latter part of your pregnancy, increase blood flow and oxygen through the body, and help you be less sore overall.

Light weight lifting while pregnant

What kinds of exercises are safe during pregnancy

The last recommended exercise is light to moderate weight lifting during pregnancy. This exercise is a great way to stay toned and firm. I would recommend trying to find a trainer who has experience working with pregnant women in the past to assist you. As you get further along during your pregnancy, you may lessen your weight because using a heavier weight can elevate the heart rate at a very high speed, and that is not recommended while in your third trimester. A gradual increase of the heart rate is acceptable, and monitoring the heart rate to keep it within your "Zone 2 or Zone 3" of your maximum heart rate is recommended by the surgeon general. It is OK to slightly lessen your weights, and you can increase your repetitions to get the same workout.


Pregnancy can be tough on a woman, as the body goes through so many changes in a short period. Try very hard to stay active during your pregnancy. Being active will help you during labor and also post-pregnancy. Incorporating activity throughout your pregnancy will also help you return to your standard and healthy pre-baby weight. Remember slow and steady while exercising will keep you and your baby healthy and happy.

If you want to learn more about this topic, visit the NHS website and learn more about exercise in pregnancy - "Your pregnancy and baby guide".

FAQs of Pregnancy

Can you jump while pregnant?

A moderate jump while pregnant can help improve your health and more comfortable delivery, but do not overdo it.

Can I do squat while pregnant?

Squatting is suitable for pregnant women when done rightly. Studies show that squatting during pregnancy helps maintain strength, improve posture, and assist with the birthing process.

Can I do sit-ups while pregnant?

According to the experts, it is safe to do sit-ups ONLY during your first-trimester period. Lying flat on your back during your second and third trimester tends to lower your blood pressure, affecting the fetus's blood supply. So you are advised to avoid it altogether.

Is Zumba OK when pregnant?

Zumba is a high-intensity dance exercise that so many women love. If you were into Zumba dance, you might need to reconsider it if pregnant. You can still do Zumba ONLY when it's modified and safe for you to do so.

Are planks safe during pregnancy?

Yes, planks are safe to exercise during pregnancy. They strengthen your back, hips, and core muscles. It's always advisable to consult your doctor before doing this, especially if this is your first time doing the plank.

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